UPS & Inverters

  • Su-Kam
  • Su-KamSu-Kam's UPS is a truly futuristic concept. This two-in-one product (Inverter + UPS) completely eliminates the need to have separate power back-up system for your home as well as your computer.

    Traditionally, there are two separate power back-up systems i.e. UPS Systems for computers and Inverters for other household appliances. With the increasing number of households having a computer, it became an absolute necessity to have a single product providing power back-up to Computers as well as other household appliances.

    Su-Kam's UPS can provide power back-up to computer as well as home appliances during power cut. This result in:

    Cost savings as only one systems (UPS) is bought in lieu of two systems (Inverter and UPS)
    Space saving
    Longer backup for computer as compared to UPS
    Appliance Friendly: The life of the appliances like TV and Fridge is increased as there is No Time Gap (Start up delay) between power cut and resumption of back-up power.
    Save in space by locating one system instead of two.
    Uninterrupted watching of TV & DVD, Satellite, Set Top Box etc.


  • Luminous
  • Su-Kam Luminous' world-class Home UPS and Inverter Batteries are market leaders in India—and will soon be available across the globe—thanks to years of research and development focused on customer-centric innovation. Luminous power backup solutions are used in a wide range of applications, from household appliances to commercial applications.

    Tubular Batteries :


    In a very short time, Luminous has established its integrity and won many hearts across India. With an unquenched thirst for perfection and a resolute commitment to quality, we continue to make forays.

    in technology, creating innovative and efficient products that bear the mark of reliability and excellence. With a decade of experience in manufacturing batteries, we proudly present our range of Tubular Batteries - a remarkable product with incredible possibilities that enhance the quality of life.

    bLuminous Tubular Batteries employ pioneering R&D to offer 360 degree benefits to you. With cutting-edge process controls in line with global standards, these batteries not only charge faster, they last much longer as well. This reduces electricity consumption, which in turn increases financial savings. What's more, their unique design makes them extremely strong, so they withstand longer power cuts.

    Now say goodbye to the inconvenience of long power cuts, thanks to the new range of Tubular Batteries from Luminous. These long-lasting batteries carry attractive warranty features and are extremely affordable. They are just the beginning of a series of beneficial Tubular Battery innovations from the house of Luminous.


    UPS Systems, Telecommunication Systems, Office Automation Equipment, Fire Alarm Security Systems, Electronic PABX Systems, Cable TV Equipment, Electronic Attendance, Cash Registers, Process Instrumentation & Control, Power Plants & Substations, Cellular Phones & Pagers and PCO Monitors.


  • Microtek
  • Su-Kam Microtek Inverters – whether you need it for home purpose or office need – can be booked here for FREE door delivery. Just call us, tell us the details of microtek inverter you are looking for and we will send our engineers to deliver and install the inverter at your place.

    Microtek Inverters : Different Models for Home and Office Purpose
    Offer: Lowest Price - Direct from Microtek Direct Sales DSA Team
    Available With High Quality Fiber Trolley
    Low-Maintenance High-Power Battery For Long Backup
    Warranty On The Battery: 2 Years

  • APC
  • APC Home UPS is designed keeping your benefits in mind

    APC Home UPS, ups servicing in ramamurthy nagar, kr puram , bangalore Safe design for your valuable, sensitive home electronics. Thanks to pure sine wave technology.
    Backup time(from six to eight hours) for TVs, home theatres, fans and lights.*
    Advanced safety features such as over-temperature shut down and short-circuit protection.
    Aesthetic, eye-catching design.
    Greater peace of mind with two-year warranty on unit.
    Better battery life, thanks to the multiple battery charging option.

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